Does Standing at Waking Hours Help to Burn More Calories? Here’s the Answer

HealthGeekss | Sept 11,2019

New research stated that standing at waking hours can reduce the consequences of sedentary lifestyle. 

Does Standing at Waking Hours Help to Burn More Calories?


According to PLOS ONE study from the university of Granada in Spain, standing at waking Hours help to burn calories because people during standing uses more energy.

In this new finding, sitting, standing and sleeping uses different amount of energy. Previous studies don’t find any differences between these three.

Francisco J. Amaro-Gahete and colleagues stated that standing for 6 hours can help to burn 45 more kilocalories as compared to sitting or lying.

Amaro-Gahete further stated that we spaniards spend 8-10 hours while lying or sitting each day, not counting the sleeping hours.

Research analyzed the data of various studies on health benefits of standing or health hazards of sitting and benefits of reducing it.

For this, researchers reviewed the energy burnt during standing, sitting or lying down in 55 participants, out of them 38 were female.

Indirect Calorimetry (a noninvasive method) was used to measure the energy expenditure in each of three positions, including sitting, standing and lying down.

This noninvasive method measures energy expenditure through the oxygen that body uses and carbon-dioxide that the body releases.

While demonstrating that spenders uses more energy while standing, participants were categorized into spenders and savers.

Researchers stressed that spenders burn more calories when they switch from sitting or lying down to standing.

Savers spend very little energy in their activities, therefore the difference between energy expenditure for lying down, sitting and standing is zero: Amaro-Gahete.

Additionally, he said that spenders burn more 10% calories while they switch to standing from sitting or lying down.

In conclusion, researchers advised working people with sedentary lifestyle must expend more time on standing.
Jonatan R. Ruiz added that person have to take 10 steps if he gets up. This method can reduce the consequences of sedentary lifestyle.

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