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I am Shikha Mangla, founder Of HealthGeeK’S blog. This blog shares information to people about Health and Fitness what they face in daily life. In this blog what articles I have written, actually my near and dear ones are facing  or have faced these problems. So I thought to share my personal opinion with you all. 

I searched about my articles on various search engines and prepared  short stories about them. And Here i am with you to share all information. Information in these articles is not verified by any doctor. It provides you information, home made treatment. It advises you to meet your doctor when problem is at initial stage  rather than it becomes severe and takes medicine according to doctor’s prescription. 

You can also purchase various products like proteins, nutrition, gym wears, gym membership, gym franchise from famous brands.

This blog does not take any responsiblity regarding any article or product.

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