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Study found the great link between both, women who consume these two vegetables in large quantity, the lower the risks of developing breast cancer.

Belly fat is an accumulation of harmful fat. It not only makes your body bad but also puts your body at risks of diseases.

New research suggests that eating nuts daily may help you to prevent weight gain, despite of being rich in calories.

Researchers had found the nano-sized bubbles in our body, that can be used to treat cancer. According to researchers, these tiny bubbles in body Can treat Cancer better than chemotherapy.

Risks of Type 2 diabetes or heart diseases are increased 6 times due to obesity or overweight. In-spite of obesity, genetic risks and bad lifestyle also responsible for T2D.

Researchers claimed that human’s biological age will be reversed by 2.5 Years by reversing the ageing process.

Are you Tea Lover? Here's the good news for you. A new research claimed that people who drink tea regularly have better organised brain structure than who didn't drink tea.

Napping once or twice per week in Daytime is beneficial for heart health by halving the risks of heart attack and stroke.

New research claimed that shorter people are more likely to diagnose with Type 2 Diabetes. In type 2 diabetes people, presence of sugar in blood is very high.

New research stated that standing at waking hours can reduce the consequences of sedentary lifestyle, not counting the sleeping hours.

High blood pressure may accelerate cognitive decline among adults or older age people, but treatment can slow down the decline.

New research found that exercise is good for people with heart disease than who are healthy and do workout daily. Evidence suggests that exercises can lower the risks of many chronic diseases and thus can increase the lifespan.

Researchers stressed that people who have higher optimism tends to live longer, can you imagine highly optimistic people live until 80 years or more?

Spending time with your loved ones can bring some positive benefits on health including, pain reliever, stress reduction etc.

New study suggests that people who feel fatigueness due to light exercise can be more risks of cardiovascular disease.

Study revealed that people with mild cognitive impairment(MCI) who perform meditation regularly can boost their cognitive reserve or improve memory.

A new study reveals that daily light intensity physical activity tends to live longer and more than 9 hours sleep increases risks of early death.

Heavy periods (also known as menorrhagia in scientific term) is when menstrual flow lasts longer than 7 days. In this condition you have to change pad very hour for many hours.

Obesity or overweight is due to fat accumulation that can cause risks to health. People who are prone to obesity can gain weight due to obese genes.

Scientists find an association between dark chocolate and depression- stated that people who eat dark chocolate are less likely to report depression.

There is no way to prevent breast cancer. But by adopting some healthy habits such as avoiding alcohol and physically active, we can reduce the risks of breast cancer.

Cardio exercises are the exercises for overall health. One can perform cardio exercises to improve heart health and to lose weight also.

What you exactly right after your workout session impacts directly on your body. Post workout meal helps you to recover early, build muscles, and prepare for your next workout regimen.

Menstrual cups are using widely especially in western countries due to their re-usability. But one question arise are they safe to use as pads or tampons?

Paleo diet or "Human Age Diet" is whatever ancestors of human used to eat.  Another names for paleo diet are paleolithic diet, prehistoric diet, cavemen diet or the hunter gatherer diet.

Meat Substitutes or meat alternatives are the foods that have texture, appearance and taste as meat but are not meat. 

Migraine affects adults as well as children also. Statistics indicate that boys and girls experience migraine at the same rate until menstruation starts.

It is good to take a warm shower before bedtime to improve quality of sleep. But one question arises in mind. What is the best time to take bath?

New research found that computer usage, playing games and social activities at later in life can improve mild cognitive impairment. Mild cognitive impairment(MCI) is the intermittent stage age related cognitive decline and dementia.

Evidences suggest that how interaction with pets affect cortisol level among college students. Pet owners spending time with their beloved animals can boost their mood and lower stress level.

If people are more prone to boredom, this state can affect negatively their mental health. What happens in the brain when we are bored and how one can deal with this boredom? : Study Investigates.

According to new study quitting alcohol can boost mental health of people especially women and they can enjoy better quality of life with those of lifetime abstainers.

According to a recent study, treadmill exercise can relieve menstrual pain and improve the life published in the journal Contemporary Clinical Trails.

Fennel Seeds ease the digestion. The antioxidant property of fennel seeds boosts the digestion system by improving the immune system. It helps the muscles of gastrointestinal system to reduce gas or bloating and stomach cramps.

The recent study investigates that drinking alcohol at an older age lowers the mortality risks. However scientists are partial about their research and said that more research is needed to completely investigate the facts.

When it comes to chose the best foods to eat before bedtime, options are generally to eat low calorie foods, and high fibers enriched foods.

Poor quality, irregular sleep may prevent people from successfully losing unwanted weight, a new study shows.The same is true for obesity — more than one in three U.S. adults live with this condition.

After vigorous workout, cool down phase and post recovery period is much important as doing the workout. No matter if you are doing muscles improvement exercise, weight loss workout, or six pack exercise.

Paralysis is when you are unable to move any part of the body when there is loss of muscle function in that part. It can be partial or complete, temporary or permanent.

Depression drains out your energy and leaves you helpless. In past things that you liked the most to do, now seems difficult to do.

New study suggests that women who are morning people are are at lower risks of breast cancer. For their research they used health data 80,216 women from the UK Biobank.

New study finds that exercise can increase your lifespan despite past activity levels. This study found a link between physical activity level and mortality risks among middle and old age people.

Turmeric tea is easy to prepare and includes some natural kitchen ingredients. It includes some grind or grated turmeric, honey, coconut oil, lemon, and ginger.

Pregnancy can be a tiring time and travelling during pregnancy may be overwhelming due to safety concerns. In this article we will discuss some pregnancy travel safety tips to follow during pregnancy.

Scientist had conducted a study first time on human to show the direct effect of coffee on good fat. Study has stated a link between coffee and activation of brown fat into your body.

It takes time to get periods back to normal. Women generally starts bleeding right after having the abortion. But first periods after abortion will usually occur several weeks later.

Like medications and other procedures there are various effects of marijuana on physical or mental health in both positive and negative way for short term and long term.

When bacteria become resistant to antibiotic treatments, this poses an important threat to health, as infections become very difficult — and sometimes impossible — to treat.

Many people rely on processed or reserved foods but these foods contain large amount of sugar. This quantity is detrimental for health and makes a large proportion of their calorie intake.

Are you feeling fatigue or tiredness and wish to boost your energy level to take advantage of your time during the day. Today's hectic or busy lifestyle pulls your energy and leaves you empty.

White meat refers to poultry and light colored meats. Where red meat meat refers to meat which are red in raw state. The popular belief narrated in the past that red meat is not healthy.

Seafood is rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins. Now people are much aware to include seafood in regular diet. A well balanced diet with exercise are important for healthy lifestyle.

Researchers are increasingly worried about the rise of multidrug-resistant bacteria, or "superbugs," which have developed resistance to antibiotics, becoming more dangerous.

Menopause is when women stop having periods and there are no chances of getting pregnant. It occurs between age of 45 and 50 as women's estrogen levels decline.

Period pain can be intense, you can adopt some natural ways to treat period pain. It is very common to feel discomfort in abdominal, lower stomach, thighs, lower back or another extremities during menstruation.

People who are on vegan diet don't eat any animal product such as egg, dairy and poultry. Vegan diets are low in nutrients which is enough present in animal products.

Energy drinks are most popular among teenagers or adults also. But a recent study states that energy drinks cause disturbances to heart health.

To Lose weight without dieting seems difficult. Doing dieting or fasting is not only way to lose weight. There are many tips that you can adopt to bring some changes in your lifestyle.

Exercise or regular workout is not only good for adults but also good for senior citizens. Daily 30-40 minute walk reduces the chances of many diseases in seniors such as balance maintenance.

Daily 30-40 minute early morning walk is good for overall health. It can bring many amazing changes in your life if you suffer from chronic diseases such as heart diseases, high blood sugar, high blood pressure or many other.

Weighing yourself can be another possible way to prevent weight gain or obesity. Obesity or weight gain is a situation in which person gains excessive weight which affects their health or daily activities.

As summer knocks you need sunscreen to shield yourself from sun rays. The most important thing is how to use it apart from which product to use.

Muscle strain or pulled muscle usually occurs when muscles or tendons are damaged. This damage is characterized by overstretching or undue pressure on muscles.

The right balance between diet and exercise fuel your exercise routine. Combining both is the key to get in shape and feel healthy.

Cucumber is very beneficial for overall health, especially during the summer due to presence of natural water as body needs water in heat.

The most common symptoms of breast cancer is lump on breast. There are many other symptoms such as redness on breast, change in size of breast, or liquid discharging from nipple.

Fibrocystic breast, previously known as fibrocystic breast disease. Now professionals don’t call them as disease because of their benign( non cancerous) nature.

Protein rich foods not only help in weight loss or gain but also they are good for overall health. Foods are rich in protein, vitamins, and other important nutrients that body needs. There are many protein rich foods that are available in kitchen.

Weight gain seems to be a difficult task as weight loss. Some people depend on junk foods, highly processed food, sugary foods, overeating, unhealthy food. Inspite of gaining weight all these things lead to health problems.

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the world. Cancer is most threatening disease if it is detected or diagnosed at an early stage. After spreading curing becomes difficult.

Summer with humidity and heat can increase the activity of skin glands(sebaceous glands). This makes oily skin more oily and dry skin more patchy and rough.

As summer damages your skin, it can harm your hair also. The hair that looks shiny and smooth before, in summer looks like fried.

Avocado is widely used superfood due to its benefits on overall health. This fruit is called superfood. It is rich in nutrients such as potassium, vitamins, and folate.

There are many supplements that can improve your muscles growth and performance during rigorous workout. To gain muscles three criterion must met.

From ancient time yoga is practicing to get flat belly. Yoga is a set of asanas to reduce belly fat as it helps to burn fat easily.

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which sugar level of body is high than normal. Type 2 diabetes is common form of diabetes. In this blood sugar rises  when body does not produce or use insulin properly. This is also called hyperglycemia.

Yoga is a simple meditation that is widely used for health. It has positive impact on physical strength, flexibility, and balance also.

The best way to control blood sugar is healthier diet. If body digests food in a healthier way, there are no chances of spike or dip in blood sugar level.

Mental health refers psychological well being - In other terms it also represents absence of mental illness. It represents how we behave, think, or react in any condition. Mental health means how we handle stress, or make decisions or choices in life.

Weight gain is lay term for obesity. Obesity is a medical situation in which person gain excessive weight which affects their health.

Hip pain on outer of hips, outer thighs or outer buttock is caused by problems with muscles, tendons or ligaments that surround the hip joints. Exercise is the best way to get rid from pain and also surgeries.

To keep hydrated yourself is good for health. Water keeps hydrated, aids digestion, helps in detoxification and prevent constipation. There is always a debate which temperature of water to be when people consume it.

Poor blood circulation is not good for overall health. Blood circulation is the process through which heart pumps blood throughout the body. As blood circulates oxygen passes to the body cells and body gets detoxifies.

Before heart attack person experiences some signs that body alarms. Some common are chest discomfort, fatigue, problem in breathing or many other.

Miscarriage is the loss of fetus before 20th week of pregnancy. Mostly 10-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Research states that 80% of miscarriage occur in 4th week of pregnancies. Loss of embryo before 20th week is called stillbirth.

Is pain natural during pregnancy? Answer is yes. Women often feel cramp in abdominal or uterus in first trimester of pregnancy. Pain intensity is not high it can be tackled easily.

It is very difficult to stay cool in summer as summer brings skin problems,dehydration, sweat. All these problems creates irritability and you have to suffer more if you are outdoor.

Healthier activities in a day can keep you healthy and fit whole day. There is no need to change in your diet and exercise if you want to keep yourself healthy.

Either you are in 10 or 80, everyone wants to stay healthy and fit. But today’s lifestyle is so much hectic that people have don’t time for their health.

Are you also on verge of rapid weight loss? This is not good for health. If you have healthy weight this is absolute. Loosing 5 to 10 % percent of body weight has no risks for overall health.

Pudina is a natural herb that has been used from ancient time in many dishes to enhance the taste. Mint or pudina relieves in gas to increase bile discharge, and assists in flow of bile.

Bloating or gas discomforts you all the time or sometimes create an embarrassing situation. It is a painful condition where gas collects into your digestive system.

Are you taking short naps after lunchtime? No, you aren't? Tom Hodgkison once wrote a quote when the going gets tough, the tough take a nap. If your day is bad because of sleep deprivation, you can fix it with the help of nap.

There are many factors that are responsible for hair loss from medical conditions, medication, hair treatment, hormonal changes to deficiency of protein...

Now a days people are facing problem of hair loss especially man. Hair loss affect your scalp and sometimes your body also. There are many reason of hair loss.

Deficiency of Vitamin D can be a possible reason of various serious diseases like cancer, Type 2 diabetes, ricket. Research found on women that intake of Vitamin d in your meal can reduce glucose level in body...

There are lot of herbs that can provide you relief from stress or relax your mind and body. Tulsi- A Basil plant has adaptogenic properties and you can enjoy Tulsi tea daily to stabilize your body.

Does bloating or gas discomfort you all the time? When you are in condition of bloating or gas, heaviness and tightness unease you. That's why you can't sit or walk properly.

Apple cider vinegar has many benefits, using as a healthy beverage, in salad or to treat many diseases such as for removal of stones and fibroids.

Milk- A Nutrient rich fluid is known as a healthy drink. It has been consuming from thousand of years because it is rich in protein, calcium, potassium and many more.

Thyroid also known as thyroid gland is generally at the front of the neck. Thyroid gland is an endocrine gland( gland which secrete hormones directly in the blood) and is in butterfly shape.

Most of the people feel uncomfortable due to the dark spots on face and on body parts. Everyone wants to look perfect with glowing skin. Reason of dark spots can be today’s lifestyle, diet etc.

As winter comes skin becomes patchy and rough. Cold and dry air removes moisturizer from skin and leave it dry and rash. It can cause various serious skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema etc.

Pregnancy seems to be a reason for late period. But there are many other causes that impact your period cycle.

Today people are not so much aware about overload of toxins in the body. Toxic overload shows many symptoms like bloated, sluggish and many more.

Sometimes when i wake up in the morning i feel tired and some of my friends also said they  also feel tiredness. Research states that around 15.3 percent of women feel tiredness and 10.1 % of men feel fatigue.

Today's thyroid has become a widespread disease from young child to senior. Now people are becoming aware about thyroid disease and how to overcome it.

Early Morning Drink to reduce Belly Fat At Home

To reduce belly fat is not an easy task, it requires dedication towards eating healthy food, regular exercise and work out.

Other name for fenugreek leaves is methi patta in Hindi. From ancient times fenugreek seeds are using as green leafy vegetable. Fenugreek leaves or methi leaves are rich source of fibers and helps in digestion.

Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep are devastating health of human. There are many ayurvedic herbs such as Tulsi, bhringraj,ashwagandha which are beneficial to relieve stress.

Calcium deficiency is also known as Hypocalcemia. It affects the functioning of the body because calcium storage capacity of body depletes. Deficiency of calcium is due to the when most of the calcium is lost in urine and not enough calcium is moved from bones in the blood.

Inclusion of fibers in your diet is never a bad idea. Fibers are helpful for good digestion, lower blood sugar level or cholesterol and also promote weight loss.

Every person wish to stay healthy and fit but today’s lifestyle does not allow this and person suffers from stress, anxiety, depression,heart problems etc.

There are many benefits to drink carrot juice early morning. Presence of Vitamin A, Vitamin C overcome the problem of night blindness and boosts immune or digestion system.

The best way to control blood sugar is healthier diet. If body digests food in a healthier way, there are no chances of spike or dip in blood sugar level.

Spinach- Dark, green leafy vegetable is a rich source of iron, protein, vitamin and minerals. This superfood is pack with nutrients and very low in calories.

Sometimes while you start diet, exercise etc. to lose weight, you may get demotivated because to lose weight is not a one day task. You have to keep patience or get motivated by some inspirational tips.

In Ayurveda (Indian Traditional Medicine) turmeric has being used for various medicinal properties. It is helpful to heal wounds, pain relief, boost wound healing etc.

Ginger reduces inflammation, relieves nausea and provides heat to body.Due to exposure with environmental pollution,polluted water, pesticides, preservatives and products our body is affected by harmful toxins.

If you have diabetes, you often hear fruit are not healthy. But this is not really true. People with diabetes can eat fruit as part of their healthy diet plan. Keep in mind that which fruit you prefer or which not- For this first take a blood test before or after eating fruit.

One way to control blood sugar level is proper medication and control on your diet. Consumption of prescribed medicine and exercise help to maintain blood sugar level but proper diet with exclusion of oily food items, sugar also help.

Waxy and fatty type substances stick together and appear on every part of the cells. These substances are called cholesterol.

Fibrocystic breast are lumpy or rope like in structure.These are previously called fibrocystic breasts disease. Now professionals do not call them as disease because fibrocystic breasts are not really a disease.

Before we discuss about range of normal blood pressure, it is important to know what is blood pressure. When heart beats it pushes blood round the body or on the walls of blood vessel and gives them oxygen or energy what they need. This pressure is blood pressure.

Pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman. Early symptoms of pregnancy start from first week of conception and some women feel symptoms from 2nd to 4th week of pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms discussed here feel once within one week from ovulation.

What you eat at night it affects your weight most. Many people eat overly at night even they are not hungry. At night body is not capable to digest what you eat.

Now a days doctors are prescribing broccoli to people with type 2 diabetes. People of middle age(usually overweight) are diagnosing mostly with diabetes. Their body stops to produce insulin that control blood sugar level.

Green tea is using widely for many benefits on health. It is beneficial for prevention of cancer, weight loss and reduction of cholesterol level-Mainly green tea contributes to weight loss. Drinking green tea regularly reduces body fat.

What you eat in the morning, it has a huge impact on your overall health especially on weight gain or loss. Often people do much hard work to lose weight. Exercising, workout, proper sleep are important aspects while losing weight.

5 Physical Activities or Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat​

With running or walking exercise calories burn and fat starts to decrease.Instead of reduce belly fat, Running or walking reduces fat from full body.

Kidney stones are composition of calcium oxalate compounds, these compounds crystallize together and stick to themselves on inner lining of kidney.

As many of us know about the health benefits of lemon juice. How many of us know that lemon peel also has many health benefits.

Health tips that are demonstrated here are in hierarchy means from morning to night, one have to follow for better living.

Uric acid is a chemical present in blood and is often produced in body naturally and others come from food and beverage items called Purines.

Weight loss does not happen in one day or it is not possible with a miracle. If a person has appropriate weight it is good for his health.

This original aloevera smoothie is beneficial for indigestion, constipation and heartburn also.This aloe vera smoothie is prepared with ginger, lemon, cinnamon, pineapple, banana and kefir.

Some fruits is best for one person and same fruit is not healthy for another one. This is because of everyone responds to food differently

Ginger is popularly known as Adrak in Hindi. From ancient times ginger is using as a spice to increase the taste in Indian kitchen. It has also been used as a herb in Herbal medicines.

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