Daily Physical Activity tends to Live Longer: Study Says

HealthGeekss | Aug 26,2019

A new study reveals that daily light intensity physical activity tends to live longer and more than 9 hours sleep increases risks of early death.


For their research, researchers analyzed the data of 8 previous researches which involved the uses of wearable trackers to measure the intensity of physical activity in adults of middle age or older.

The researchers said that their new investigation is appropriate because their study includes those data which measure the intensity of physical activity through wearable sensors.

Previous research says that daily 30 minutes moderate workout or 15 minute vigorous workout can reduce the risks of many chronic diseases, such as heart attack, cancer, high blood pressure, or diabetes.

Researchers also found the association between sedentary lifestyle and higher risks of death. According to researchers less sitting is good for health but they didn’t define the duration of that.

What Actually Study Revealed?

Researchers UIF Ekelund, Thomas Yates studied the association between physical activity, sedentary lifestyle and risks of death in middle age or older.

For their study, 36,383 volunteers participated in 8 researches of age between 40 and 62 years. Thus their physical activity was tracked by motion sensors for 1 week and further tracked their intensity for approximately 6 years.

The physical activity was categorized into light, moderate and vigorous and measured how much time participants spent per day.

Light physical activity includes walking, or doing household chores, including cooking, washing dishes and many others.

Various examples of vigorous activities are jogging, walking, carrying heavy weights.

The team found that any category of physical activity, either it is light, moderate or vigorous can reduce the risks of early death.

In the conclusion, around 9000 participants who were more active involved in physical activity had 60-70% lower risks of death as compared to 9000 participants who were less active during the follow up period.

Additionally, people who followed sedentary lifestyle or sleep more than 9 hours had more risks of early death.

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