Meditation That can Improve Brain Health and Boost Cognitive Reserve

HealthGeekss | Aug 27,2019

Study revealed that people with mild cognitive impairment(MCI) who perform meditation regularly can boost their cognitive reserve or improve memory. 

meditation to improve Mild Cognitive impairment


Mild cognitive impairment is the first symptom of Alzheimer disease. There are no certain treatments that can decrease the risks of Alzheimer. Thus meditation can play a key role for the people with MCI.

Other symptoms are memory loss, difficulty in learning, vision loss, and many others.

Meditation to Improve Mild Cognitive Impairment

Research was published in Journal of Alzheimer’s disease and reviewed how meditation can improve the brain health of adults with MCI. 

meditation to improve Mild Cognitive impairment


The research initiated by Dr. Rebecca Erwin Wells included 14 participants( men & women both diagnosed with MCI) of age between 55 and 90 years. The participants were divided into two groups i.e. meditation based stress reduction joined 8 weeks mediation program and  control group who waited for the course.

Therefore the study found that people who participated in MBSR program had improved cognition. The study also revealed that mediation and yoga also improved hippocampus which is essential for learning and vital for memory.

Previous research focuses that chronic stress can be a main cause of Alzheimer or MCI and there was no treatment available except medications. But this study pointed that there can be other alternative to treat Alzheimer.

Before study, researchers were concern for disability of people to learn new skills due to the MCI. However the researchers found that MCI didn’t prevent participants to learn new things or to remember old memories. 


Our study showed promising evidence that adults with MCI can learn to practice mindfulness meditation, and by doing so, may boost their cognitive reserve”: Dr. Rebecca Erwin Wells.

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