Protein and Creatine: The 2 Supplements to Improve Muscle Gain

HealthGeekss | May 14,2019

Why people usually do exercises or workout? To fetch some out of it: In short to gain muscle. Exercises or workout helps to gain muscles, strength and flexibility. If you have healthy muscles, this will help you to do more workout.

There are many supplements that can improve your muscles growth and performance during rigorous workout. To gain muscles three criterion must met: Eat more calories than you burn, Consumption of more proteins than you break down and a rigorous exercise program that is more challenging.

Rigorous workouts such as weightlifting put more strains on muscles. That’s why muscle building supplements are advisable for athletes who wish to improve performance and muscle growth.

Beginners do not need any kind of supplements, their muscles will improve over time after heavy training. Intermediate or advance level athlete need supplements.
There are 2 best supplements that we will discuss in this article.

1. Protein

Proteins are essential to gain muscles.

Interestingly, it is very important to consume more proteins than your body breaks down naturally.

However, some people get enough proteins through protein enriched foods. While others do not get. Then it is important to consume protein supplements.

There are many protein enriched supplements available. Some are soy proteins, casein or whey. 

While you do exercises muscles are damaged and body needs amino acids to repair the muscles. Protein are large combination of molecules and amino acids form a protein structure and are vital for cells.

Dietary supplements are more effective. Inclusion of meets, dairy and beans in diet can boost up your intake. These foods are also rich in vitamins and other nutrients to gain muscles.

If protein rich foods are not available, one can take protein shakes. These shakes are available online.

Dietary Supplements

  • Meet
  • Beef
  • Beans
  • Whey
  • Soy Protein
  • Casein

Research shows that above dietary supplements significantly helped in muscle growth. There is no need to take protein supplements if you are taking enough protein from meal.

2. Creatine

Creatine provides energy to muscles and cells. It is a compound that is produced naturally in the liver, kidney and pancreas.

The compound helps in physical appearance and muscle growth. Creatine is present in fish and chicken also. You can also take a supplement also available online.

Cretaine content of muscles get hike by 40 % if taken as dietary supplement. This improves muscle gain, muscle cells and exercise performance. 

Creatine also increases water content in muscles. This may cause to swell muscles slightly and muscle growth also.

Creatine also helps in production of hormone i.e. IGF-1, which is involved in muscle growth.
Research states that creatine leads to significant increase in muscle growth if taken with rigorous exercise.

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