5 Natural Treatment to Get Relieve from Bloat or Gas

Bloating or gas discomforts you all the time or sometimes create an embarrassing situation. Bloating or gas is a painful condition where gas collects into your digestive system.

5 Natural Treatment to Get Relieve from Gas

One question arises How gas enters into your digestive system? This happens in two ways: First when you eat or drink you inhale air and the oxygen or nitrogen enters into your body. Secondly when food is digested nitrogen or many other gases are discharged and get collected into your stomach. 

Bloating or gas causes cramps, severe pain, tiredness and if gas remains for longer time, it causes weight gain, constipation and bowel obstruction.

You yourself are responsible for bloating or gas most of the time. Your food choices, late night foods, excess junk foods, lack of water and stress are responsible for gas because food is not digested properly and remains in the body.

The good thing is that there are many kitchen ingredients and are easily accessible to get rid from gas naturally. We list here some natural treatment of bloat.

1. Trachyspermum ammi or Ajwain

Ajwain or carom seeds provide relief from gas. One thing you have to do is take 1/2 tbsp of ajwain with water once in a day. Another efficient method is soak 1/2 tbsp ajwain in water whole night. Then drain water and drink water to get more relief.

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2.Terminalia Chebula or Harad

Harad or Terminalia Chebula is an ayurvedic herb for bloating or gas without any side effects. You can have pulp of harad with pinch of salt. You can also consume dried hard. Grind dried harad and take 1/4 tbsp of powder with water. Keep a check on amount of harad otherwise you can suffer from diarrhoea.

3. Asafoetidaor Heeng

Heeng or asafoetida water heal bloating or gas. Most doctors suggest to add pinch of heeng in dishes which causes bloating. You can also drink heeng water when you feel uncomfortable.


4. Lime Juice

Another tasty option is lime juice. Squeeze one lemon in 1/2 glass of water with black salt to get instant relief from gas. Another simple yet effective method is lime juice with baking powder. Add 1 tbsp of lime juice, 1/2 tbsp of baking powder in half galls of water and consume after meal to relieve digestion process.

5. Triphla

Triphla cleanse the body, prevents bloating or gas and improves digestion. Small amount of triphla is healthy for body and discontinue it after sometime. Triphla is high in fiber and causes gas if it is taken in excess amount.

Disclaimer: This article provides generic information only collected from internet. Consult your doctor or specialist for more information. Please don’t rely on above information. HealthGeekss doesn’t claim any responsibility of information.
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