6 Ways to Stay Cool during This Hot summer

HealthGeekss | April 9,2019


It is very difficult to stay cool in summer as summer brings skin problems, dehydration, sweat. All these problems creates irritability and you have to suffer more if you are outdoor. The best thing is to keep hydrated yourself all the time. 

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Water hydrates you and even remove antioxidants from body. Thus you will feel less heat. There can be some harsh consequences of summer heat if you are outside. Heat illness can be serious and can be alleviated by drinking water, taking rest in cold for 2 hours.

Stay Hydrated

It is very good idea to keep hydrated in summer as sweating brings dehydration and you can suffer from heat illness. Drink 2.8 liter water throughout the day. Try to drink water each hour and with meal also.

You can also consume lemon water. Lemon increases the taste and also removes toxins from body.

6 Ways to Stay Cool during This Hot summer

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Prefer Cotton Wears

If you are outside, try to wear cotton clothes that are light in color as white or cream shades reflect heat. Avoid dark color wears that are loose like shorts, tank tops, swim suits of cotton fabric.

Avoid hot beverages

Sugary or Caffeine drink products dehydrates you. Try to avoid coffee, tea, or other products that heats you. Drink at room temperature to stay cool in hot summer.

6 Ways to Stay Cool during This Hot summer

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Perform Exercises in Morning

It is very good idea to do strenuous exercises in cold morning. Strenuous exercises warm you and you will feel heat early. 

Say No To Cold Drinks

We always drink cold drinks with ice in summer to stay cool. But you know that cold drinks affect digestion system and you can suffer from health problems.

6 Ways to Stay Cool during This Hot summer

Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Try to avoid carrot, beetroot, ginger or other edibles that warm your body in summer. Limit the use of salt in summer. Eat salad or fruits like watermelon that provides natural cooling to your body.

Stay indoor

It is a very easy idea to get rid of summer. Stay indoor till  there is no urgency. Keep your children in home in day as sun is brighter at that time. Play indoor activities with them inside your home.

6 Ways to Stay Cool during This Hot summer

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