What is Normal Blood Pressure?

 HealthGeekss | October 11,2018
Before we discuss about range of normal blood pressure, it is important to know what is blood pressure. When heart beats it pushes blood round the body or on the walls of blood vessel and gives them oxygen or energy what they need. This pressure is blood pressure.

what is normal blood pressure


Blood pressure(BP) is expressed by two numbers, 1.)Systolic Pressure: Pressure which is exerting against your artery walls when heart beats.

2.) Diastolic pressure: Pressure which is exerting by blood against your artery walls when heart is resting between two beats.

BP is estimated in mmhg(millimeters of mercury). E.g. 120/80 mmhg.

In this 120mmhg is Systolic pressure value and 80 mmhg is diastolic pressure value.

Classification of Blood Pressure

Stage 1 Hypertension130-13980-89
Stage 2 Hypertension=>140=>90
Hypertension crisis>180>110

High BP

There are no symptoms to know if you have high BP or not. It can be measured by BP meter(sphygmomanometer).Very high BP (hypertension in scientific terms) can be cause of many problems and have severe effects of health also.

If BP is very high, workload on heart increases, puts pressure on arteries and heart muscles tend to thicken and weaken over time.

Persistent high BP can be reason of one of these factors stroke, heart attack and heart failure. Chronic kidney failure can also be caused by very high BP.

Normal BP

If BP ranges between 120 over 80 means you have normal BP or you are healthy. Just stick to it with proper diet or exercise.

Low BP  

Low BP is also called Hypotension. Unlike high BP, low BP patients suffer from many symptoms like daziness, faint and sometime intense shock also.

Sometimes due to low arterial flow and blood flow, blood pressure is not efficient and people suffer from faint, daziness.

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