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There is no way to prevent breast cancer. But by adopting some healthy habits such as avoiding alcohol and physically active, we can reduce the risks of breast cancer.

New study suggests that women who are morning people are are at lower risks of breast cancer. For their research they used health data 80,216 women from the UK Biobank.

Pregnancy can be a tiring time and travelling during pregnancy may be overwhelming due to safety concerns. In this article we will discuss some pregnancy travel safety tips to follow during pregnancy

It takes time to get periods back to normal. Women generally starts bleeding right after having the abortion. But first periods after abortion will usually occur several weeks later.

Menopause is when women stop having periods and there are no chances of getting pregnant. It occurs between age of 45 and 50 as women's estrogen levels decline.

Menstrual pain can be intense, you can adopt some natural ways to treat menstrual pain. It is very common to feel discomfort in abdominal, lower stomach, thighs, lower back or another extremities during menstruation

The most common symptoms of breast cancer is lump on breast. There are many other symptoms such as redness on breast, change in size of breast, or liquid discharging from nipple.

Miscarriage is the loss of fetus before 20th week of pregnancy. Mostly 10-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Research states that 80% of miscarriage occur in 4th week of pregnancies. Loss of embryo before 20th week is called stillbirth.

Is pain natural during pregnancy? Answer is yes. Women often feel cramp in abdominal or uterus in first trimester of pregnancy. Pain intensity is not high it can be tackled easily.

Have you suffered from miscarriage in past? Now you are planning for baby again. We will discuss some of the common symptoms that you should have to know to avoid miscarriage again.

Are you stepping into new phase of life or In short are you pregnant?? Pregnancy comes with many changes in women’s life.

While you are pregnant, you have to take precautions which food you have to take or avoid. The foods you intake during pregnancy is shared by baby in your womb.

Anemia is a disease that affects mostly pregnant women. During pregnancy your body needs more blood to provide adequate support to fetus or baby. Your heart works harder to produce more blood to meet psychological needs.

Fibrocystic breast, previously known as fibrocystic breast disease. Now professionals don’t call them as disease because of their benign( non cancerous) nature.

Pregnancy seems to be a reason for late period. But there are many other causes that impact your period cycle. Common cause ranges from hormonal imbalance to medical conditions if you are not pregnant.

Fibrocystic breast are lumpy or rope like in structure.These are previously called fibrocystic breasts disease. Now professionals do not call them as disease because fibrocystic breasts are not really a disease.

Pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman. Early symptoms of pregnancy start from first week of conception and some women feel symptoms from 2nd to 4th week of pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms discussed here feel once within one week from ovulation.

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