Are You Pregnant? So Avoid These Foods During Pregnancy!

HealthGeekss | Feb.4,2019 

While you are pregnant, you have to take precautions which food you have to take or avoid. The foods you intake during pregnancy is shared by baby in your womb.

foods to avoid during pregnancy

There are some foods that are responsible for many diseases in newborn child or mother also after delivery. 

It is very important to take meals, don’t avoid any meal during pregnancy. Include vitamins, proteins, minerals, and iron enriched foods in your diet.

You will get many information from your elders which food is healthy for you or which food is not. 

Basically it is important to avoid foods that contain bacteria because bacterial foods is responsible for infections or many diseases in child.

In this article we will discuss foods that can harm mother and baby both. Here’s list of foods to avoid during pregnancy.


Pineapple ranks high in foods to avoid during pregnancy. This is because pineapple contracts uterus and there are chances of miscarriage. 

There is an enzyme Bromelain which softens the cervix walls, contracts the uterus and even bleeding. So that’s why you have to avoid pineapple during pregnancy.

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Alcohol during pregnancy causes various diseases to newborn child. Sometimes alcohol is responsible for premature delivery, low weight babies, and birth defects.

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Some research suggests to avoid caffeine in first trimester to reduce the chances of miscarriage. 

Research proposes that caffeine stimulates premature birth, low birth weight. Caffeine eliminates fluid from the body and thus results in calcium and water loss.

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Reduce Fat

It is important to decrease the intake of total amount of fat by 30% of your total calories. If you consume 1500 calories so decrease amount of fat by 50%.

Raw Egg

Raw eggs are associated with Salmonella infections. Symptoms of this infection are nausea, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain.

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Unwashed Foods

If you consume fruits or vegetables without wash, you consume some harmful bacteria and parasites. You have to take care by washing, peeling or cooking of fruits and vegetables while you are pregnant.

Raw Meat

Several bacteria or parasites usually Toxoplasma are mounted on uncooked or raw meat. These bacteria causes blindness, mental retardation, or many other neurological disorders.

Uncooked Fish

Uncooked or Raw fish causes several infections. They leave mother to dehydrated or weak. Infections in child that are passed to child can be severe or fatal. Avoid fish that contains mercury also.

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