Here’s List of Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Pain during Pregnancy

Feb 9,2019

Is pain natural during pregnancy? Answer is yes. Women often feel cramp in abdominal or uterus in first trimester of pregnancy. Pain intensity is not high it can  be tackled easily.  

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In case of pending miscarriage cramping converts into severe pain. Miscarriage usually occurs in 12th week of pregnancy. Main reason of miscarriage is vaginal bleeding with pain.  In case of miscarriage uterus dispel fetal tissue and starts to contract. Sometimes pain is so severe. If severity of pain is going high, then it can be condition Ectopic Pregnancy.Go to your doctor and  consult to your gynaecologist.

Normal changes in body are responsible for pain during pregnancy. But beware if pain is associated with some other danger signs. There can be some complications that can be cause of miscarriage, any casuality in newborn baby, disease in mother after delivery, or labor pain also.

1. If severe pain continues after taking bedrest.
2. If pain is associated with vomiting, nausea, fever.
3. If there is problem in walking, speaking and breathing because of pain.

Various Causes of Pain During Pregnancy

1. Uterus Expanding: This is most common cause of pain during pregnancy. Uterus grows in size that’s why women experience pain.

2. Bloating Or Gas: During pregnancy production of hormone progesterone is responsible for excess gas during pregnancy. 

3. Constipation: Constipation is the result of force of uterus expand on the intestines, hormones produces to relax the intestine muscle. The best treatment to get relieving from constipation is to drink water.

Natural Treatment to Alleviate Pain

There are many treatments that you can adopt daily to get relieving from pain

1. Breathing exercises

2. Change in position of sleeping

3. Walking with small steps

If the pain is severe after experimenting all treatments and pain pulls you back to perform your daily activities, then there is signal to visit doctor before any mishappening takes place.

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