Early Symptoms of Pregnancy


Pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman. Early symptoms of pregnancy start from first week of conception and some women feel symptoms from 2nd to 4th week of pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms discussed here feel once within one week from ovulation.


In this article we will discuss early symptoms of pregnancy. These are:

Heavy or Expanded Breasts

Women’s breast provides you first symptom of pregnancy. After two weeks of conception your breasts become heavier or swollen. Your nipples become dark in color.


Tiredness is common pregnancy symptom in women. Level of pregnancy hormones HCG are high in 2nd week of conception, thus puts you in sleep. Sometimes lower blood sugar levels, blood pressure combine to reduce your energy level.

Vomiting or Nausea

Vomiting or Nausea symptom appear in women during early pregnancy. Some women feel nausea in morning or some in evening. Pregnant women feel nausea entire day. There is no clarification why women feel these symptoms.

Frequent Urination

Women uterus swells or starts to expands during pregnancy. Uterus puts force on your bladder and you undergo the need of frequent urination. Women feel this symptom in 1st or 2nd week of conception.


Increased Blood circulation caused by hormonal changes set off headaches.

Light Bleeding

Sometimes light blood spot is one of the symptoms of early pregnancy. This bleeding occurs on same days of your menstrual period. This vaginal bleeding is earlier, spottier or lighter than the normal bleeding.


Uterus expands and pushes upwards as uterus grows. Increased HCG hormones level retards digestion and increases acid.

Mood Swings

Level of pregnancy hormones in early stage is very high, makes you emotional, happy etc.

Food Cravings

Food craving is also a common symptom. From the first week of pregnancy you crave to many foods because of hormonal change.

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