Risks Factors that Accelerate Chances of Miscarriage That You Must know

HealthGeekss | April 13,2019
Risks Factors that Accelerate Chances of Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the loss of fetus before 20th week of pregnancy. Mostly 10-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Research states that 80% of miscarriage occur in 4th week of pregnancies. Loss of embryo before 20th week is called stillbirth.

Miscarriage rates are very low in which women don’t know about their pregnancies. In these cases fetus is not growing properly. 

Aftermaths of miscarriage are very difficult. But moving forward is only option. Before this try to understand symptoms of miscarriage, cause of miscarriage and the risks that increase the chance of miscarriage.

What increase the risks of miscarriage?

Here’s list of some factors that increase the risks of miscarriage, recurrent miscarriage. 


There are higher risks of miscarriage in age of above 30 than younger one. If you are above 35 there are 15% of miscarriage. In age of 35-45 there is 20-35% of pregnancy loss. In age of 50 rate of miscarriage is high i.e. 50%.

Chronic Disease

If you are suffering from any chronic disease like diabetes, thyroids, there are more chances of baby loss. Tell to your gynaecologist about your disease to decrease the risks of miscarriage.

Repeat Miscarriage

There are more chances of miscarriage if you have experienced 2 to 5 miscarriage before. Repeat miscarriage can be due to any uterus problem, disease, obesity or due to any other issue.

Uterus or Cervix Problems

Presence of polyp, fibroids, uterine scars can also cause loss of fetus.Cervix is narrow passage forming the lower end of uterus. It is closed until the third trimester.If cervix tissues are weak or cervix is open there are more chances of miscarriage.


Obesity or overweight during pregnancy increases the risks of miscarriage. Being underweight is  also responsible for fetus loss. Body mass index (BMI) is used to test height and weight during pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins can help you to get proper weight.

Risks Factors that Accelerate Chances of Miscarriage

Caffeine Beverages

It is not safe to drink coffee drinks in first trimester of pregnancy. Research in 2008 states that 2 to 3 caffeine beverages increase the risks of miscarriage by 74% in early pregnancy.

Smoking, Alcohol or Drugs

People who smoke daily have the higher risks of miscarriage than nonsmokers. Consumption of alcohol daily and drugs causes miscarriage also.

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