Symptoms of Miscarriage That are Important to Know

HealthGeekss | March 18,2019

Have you suffered from miscarriage in past? Now you are planning for baby again. We will discuss some of the common symptoms that you should have to know to avoid miscarriage again.

Symptoms of Miscarriage

Being to be a pregnant comes with joys and worries. Some women are not aware that they are pregnant. If some knows. they don’t know what is going because it is their first pregnancy.

I was 6 weeks pregnant and noticed light blood spot  on underwear.  Everything was normal but little bit scared because i read this is normal in  first trimester. I thought this would stop in 3-4 days. But this continued for 6 days and on same day there was heavy bleeding. Next day i consulted with doctor. After ultrasound doctor said there was miscarriage.

Miscarriage is loss of fetus before 20 weeks of pregnancy. The loss of baby after 20 weeks is called stillbirth. Normally 80% women suffer from miscarriage in first trimester of pregnancy. Sometimes miscarriage occurs because some women do not know that they are pregnant.

Vaginal bleeding is the most common symptoms of miscarriage. Bleeding varies from light red or brown color bleeding to heavy bleeding. Some other symptoms are:

1. Vaginal Spotting or Bleeding
2. Cramping or little pain in lower part of stomach
3. Discharge of tissue from vagina
4. Not experiencing any pregnancy symptoms

Note: If spotting is light and stays for 3-4 days it is normal in first trimester. If bleeding continues and is heavy, consult to your doctor as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: This article provides generic information. Consult your doctor or specialist for more information. Please don’t rely on above information. HealthGeekss doesn’t claim any responsibility of information.
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