Natural Treatment to Relieve Fibrocystic Breast Pain

HealthGeekss | Dec 12,2018

Fibrocystic breast, previously known as fibrocystic breast disease. Now professionals don’t call them as disease because of their benign( non cancerous) nature.

treatment of fibrocystic breast pain

In fibrocystic breast- breast become lumpy or sometime painful because of changes trigger by the reproductive hormones, oestrogen, and progesterone — all produced in the ovaries.

Sometimes fibrocystic breasts disease don’t show any symptoms, some experience symptoms like lumpiness, pain and sometimes liquid is coming out from breast. 

Some common symptoms are:

  1. Cysts
  2. Abcesses
  3. Lumps
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Some tips to relieve breast pain naturally are:

In most cases doctors would not prescribe any medicine and treatment until fibriods/lumps in breasts are not cancerous.

1. A low fatty food and high fiber food is very healthy for women with fibrocystic breast.Intake of foods rich in fibers and low saturated food reduce estrogen circulating.

2.Though there are not any studies that will assure that cutting off in caffeine substance like coffee, tea relieve fibrocystic breast pain. But some women report that pain reduces when they go off from caffeine.

3.Drinking alcohol increases the chances of fibrocystic breast in young women between age of 18 and 22. It is advised not to consume alcohol.

4.Use a supportive and comfort bra both day and night when symptoms are worse.

5. It is also advised to stay away from any sport or workout activity that can damage to breast.

6. Use a water warm bottle to get relieve from pain and discomfort.

7. Reduce intake of estrogen rich foods like meat or many others which contain excessive amount of hormones.

Disclaimer: This article provides generic information. Consult your doctor or specialist for more information. Please don’t rely on above information. HealthGeekss doesn’t claim any responsibility of information.
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