As summer knocks you need sunscreen to shield yourself from sun rays. The most important thing is how to use it apart from which product to use.

Cucumber is very beneficial for overall health, especially during the summer due to presence of natural water as body needs water in heat.

Summer with humidity and heat can increase the activity of skin glands(sebaceous glands). This makes oily skin more oily and dry skin more patchy and rough.

As summer damages your skin, it can harm your hair also. The hair that looks shiny and smooth before, in summer looks like fried.

Most of the people feel uncomfortable due to the dark spots on face and on body parts. Everyone wants to look perfect with glowing skin. Reason of dark spots can be today’s lifestyle, diet etc.

As winter comes skin becomes patchy and rough. Cold and dry air removes moisturizer from skin and leave it dry and rash. It can cause various serious skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema etc.

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