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Migraine affects adults as well as children also. Statistics indicate that boys and girls experience migraine at the same rate until menstruation starts.

It is good to take a warm shower before bedtime to improve quality of sleep. But one question arises in mind. What is the best time to take bath?

New research found that computer usage, playing games and social activities at later in life can improve mild cognitive impairment. Mild cognitive impairment(MCI) is the intermittent stage age related cognitive decline and dementia.

Evidences suggest that how interaction with pets affect cortisol level among college students. Pet owners spending time with their beloved animals can boost their mood and lower stress level.

If people are more prone to boredom, this state can affect negatively their mental health. What happens in the brain when we are bored and how one can deal with this boredom? : Study Investigates.

According to new study quitting alcohol can boost mental health of people especially women and they can enjoy better quality of life with those of lifetime abstainers.

According to a recent study, treadmill exercise can relieve menstrual pain and improve the life published in the journal Contemporary Clinical Trails.

The recent study investigates that drinking alcohol at an older age lowers the mortality risks. However scientists are partial about their research and said that more research is needed to completely investigate the facts.

Poor quality, irregular sleep may prevent people from successfully losing unwanted weight, a new study shows.The same is true for obesity — more than one in three U.S. adults live with this condition.

New study suggests that women who are morning people are are at lower risks of breast cancer. For their research they used health data 80,216 women from the UK Biobank.

New study finds that exercise can increase your lifespan despite past activity levels. This study found a link between physical activity level and mortality risks among middle and old age people.

Scientist had conducted a study first time on human to show the direct effect of coffee on good fat. Study has stated a link between coffee and activation of brown fat into your body.

When bacteria become resistant to antibiotic treatments, this poses an important threat to health, as infections become very difficult — and sometimes impossible — to treat.

Researchers are increasingly worried about the rise of multidrug-resistant bacteria, or "superbugs," which have developed resistance to antibiotics, becoming more dangerous.

Menopause is when women stop having periods and there are no chances of getting pregnant. It occurs between age of 45 and 50 as women's estrogen levels decline.

Energy drinks are most popular among teenagers or adults also. But a recent study states that energy drinks cause disturbances to heart health.

Exercise or regular workout is not only good for adults but also for senior citizens. Daily 30-40 minute walk reduces the chances of many diseases in seniors such as balance maintenance, walk independently or can perform their regular tasks like house chores, transportation etc.

Weighing yourself can be another possible way to prevent weight gain or obesity. Obesity or weight gain is a situation in which person gains excessive weight which affects their health or daily activities.

According to World Health Organisation around 650 million worldwide are affected from obesity and this place them at the risks of other health condition.

Coffee is the most drink beverage around the world. For many people it is magical brew that starts their day, for some it is much needed in the afternoon to get refresh and for some works as a digestive drink at night.

Researchers are hunting for innovative ways to fight “superbugs.” A recent study finds that blue light can weaken these pathogens making them more susceptible to destruction by standard antiseptics.

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