Easily Fatigueness Can Cause Heart Disease in Future

HealthGeekss | Aug 27,2019

New study suggests that people who feel fatigueness due to light exercise can be more risks of cardiovascular disease

Association between Fatigue and Cardiovascular Disease


In this research researchers include 5 minute walking on treadmill at a pace of 1.5 miles per hour parameter to calculate tiredness. 

Research was carried out by Jennifer Schrack, published it in the Journal of the American Heart Association. Total 625 participants were reviewed to find an association between fatigue and cardiovascular disease.

Association Between Fatigue and Cardiovascular Disease

At first, researchers calculated the possibility of heart disease or stroke for 10 years. After 4.5 years, participants were asked to walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes at a pace of 1.5 miles per hour check their fatigue level.

After reviewing their data, researchers found that people who were at high alarm of cardiovascular risks few years ago were more prone to fatigue easily.

“Even if you’re exhausted because you have a newborn at home, this would be considered a very easy task,” : Jennifer Schrack.

Additionally Schrack added that people can consider easily fatigueness as key symptom of cardiovascular disease.

Further Schrack said that eating healthy food with physical exercise is good for health and People don’t like to hear, ‘Eat right and exercise.’ These are two of the biggest pieces of public health advice, and we say it relates to almost every condition. But it’s so true.”

In the conclusion, Schrack advised people to maintain a weight with proper diet and exercise: all these factors will help you to reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease later. 

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