How Much Coffee is Good for Healthy Heart?: Study

HealthGeekss | May 17,2019

Coffee is the most drink beverage around the world. For many people it is magical brew that starts their day, for some it is much needed in the afternoon to get refresh and for some works as a digestive drink at night. However how much caffeine is healthy? A study holds the answer.


What feature of brew attracts the people? Its aroma, taste or effects as a stimulant : all these factors make it one of the most popular beverage.

According to Statistics Report in 2018-2019 indicates that in America drink coffee is on the rise. In U.S. people consumed 26.5 million 60-kilograms bag of coffee.

The report reviewed that this was much more than the previous fiscal year.

Other report shows that in 2018 almost half of adults( between 18 and 24) drink coffee, almost three quarters of above 25 drink same.

Many research are going on beverage and its benefits. Recent research shows that despite taste, brew has many other benefits such as

  • Brain health
  • Increase person’s lifespan
  • Slows down prostate Cancer

In spite of many benefits there should be limit on quantity of coffee.

Not only too much coffee create short term ill effects: Some of the common symptoms of over caffeination are: nausea, headache and deprivation of sleep. But constantly drinking coffee regularly can be a reason of cardiovascular disease.

‘The tipping Point’: Researcher Identify

The research on previous studies indicate that people with specific variant of gene CYP1A2 which metabolize coffee efficiently, metabolize this variation less efficiently. This can put them at the risks of high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. 

In the new study researchers just want to know how much coffee increase the risks of cardiovascular disease without this variation.

To identify, they analyzed the data of 347077 people with age of 37-73, in that approximately 8368 people were diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

Co-Author of study Prof. Elina Hypponen explains that “3 billion cups of coffee are enjoyed in a day around the world“.

In their research, scientists looked at how much of caffeine participants drank every day, either they show genetic variants or not that ended in slow caffeine metabolism and how likely they were able to produce cardiovascular disease.

They found that despite the fact that people without gene variation CYP1A2 were able to digest coffee 4 times faster than those without it, But this fact didn’t decrease the risks of cardiovascular disease.

Scientists states that on cup of brew contains 75 milligrams of caffeine. If people drink 6 cups of coffee in a day have more chances of cardiovascular disease.

Many people agree that after drinking coffee they feel irritable, jittery, or nauseous: this is because after drinking coffee body works harder and faster- says Prof. Hypponen.

She also notes that risks of cardiovascular disease increase with high blood pressure which in turn is consequence of excess coffee consumption.

In order to limit the risks of heart diseases, high blood pressure people must limit their coffee consumption fewer than 6 cups in a day: six was tipping point above which results were harsh of cardiovascular disease.itcaf


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