Daily Consumption of Onion and Garlic May Reduce Risks of Breast Cancer

HealthGeekss | May 23,2019

New Research found that daily consumption of raw onion and garlic may reduce the risks of breast cancer in women.

Association Between Onion, Garlic and Breast Cancer


Researchers analyzed the eating habits of 600 women in Puerto Rico, where breast cancer is increasingly spreading in last decades.

In study, scientists found that if women consume sofrito(a mixture of lightly fried onion and garlic) two or more times day, then there are 67% less risks of breast cancer.

Association Between Onion, Garlic and Breast Cancer

Study found the great link between both, women who consume these two vegetables in large quantity, the lower the risks of developing breast cancer.

The main author of the study Gauri Desai, said that this is first study that defines the association between consumption of onion, garlic and breast cancer.

Researchers from the University of Buffalo and University of Puerto Rico investigated the women of Puerto Rico. There were two reasons to choose the Puerto population:

  • Firstly, Puerto Rico has lower breast cancer rate than US or other areas.
  • Secondly, Sofrito mixture of garlic, onion and other ingredients is consuming mainly in Puerto.

Association Between Onion, Garlic and Breast Cancer

Gauri Desai said that in research we found that, consumption of sauce of onion and garlic was related with low risks of breast cancer.

She further added that the research was less extensive limited to an island.

In conclusion, We found that,” women who consumed combination of onion and garlic more than once a day were associated with 67% lower risks of cancer, compared to non-consumers.

Additionally Desai said that, women of Puerto Rico consumes a large mixture of onion and garlic. However consuming onion and garlic individually can reduce the risks of cancer.

Researchers emphasized on mixture of onion and garlic to grab the benefits. Because presence of tomato, chilly and coriander powder with sofrito may be responsible for additional benefits.

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