Drinking Tea is Good For Brain Health, Study Says

HealthGeekss | Sept 15,2019

Are you Tea Lover? Here’s the good news for you. A new research claimed that people who drink tea regularly have better organised brain structure than who didn’t drink tea. 

Drinking Tea is Good For Brain Health, Study Says


Every organised region of brain directly affects cognitive process. To arrive on the results, research reviewed the Neuroimaging data of 36 senior people.

Our results confirm the positive effects of drinking tea on structure of brain and also showed that drinking tea regularly can also protect from age related decline in brain structure: Feng Lei, Assistant Professor and team leader from the Department of Psychological Medicine at the National University of Singpore(NUS).

Mood Improvement and Protection from Diseases

Researchers said that earlier studies demonstrated that drinking tea is good for health and positive effects include improvement in mood and protection against cardiovascular disease or vein related disease.

The team analyzed the 60 participants of age 60 and more from 2015 to 2018 and gathered data regarding health, lifestyle during the follow up period. 

The participants also go through the Neuropsychological test and Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI).

After analyzing the data of neuro test, imaging results and lifestyle behavior, team concluded that people who drink green tea, black tea 4 times in a week for 25 years have better brain region which was interconnected in efficient way.

Taking the example of road and letting brain regions as destinations or connections between brain regions as roads.

Feng Lei states that if the roads are more organised, then the movement of vehicles and passengers will be more efficient with less resources usage.

Likewise, when the connection between brain regions are organised, information processing will be more efficient.

He further added that previous studies published in 2017 showed that regular tea drinkers have better cognitive system than non drinkers.

Our current study on brain structure supports indirectly to previous by showing the positive effects of tea on brain organisation by improving the connections between brain regions.

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