Human’s Biological Age will be Reversed By 2.5 Years, Scientists Claimed 

HealthGeekss | Sept 15,2019

Researchers claimed that human’s biological age will be reversed by 2.5 Years by reversing the ageing process.

 Human’s Biological Age will be Reverse By 2.5 Years, Scientists Claimed


During the research, participants were given mixture of drugs for 1 year, “After that there was reduction in their biological age by 2.5 years.” Study showed that epigenetic clock and immune system also improved with the passage of time.

According to Steve Horvath, researcher from University of California, Los Angles, Before study I expected that ageing process will be slowed down but not reversal. Team was astonished by the results.

Scientists warned that research was done on limited number of people: only 9 volunteers participated in research. There was no control group. But if the results were confirmed in the near future, then it can be important for healthcare, and treatment of disease.

In the study, participants were given a growth hormone and two diabetes medications. Team also monitored the body’s epigenetic clock to understand the ageing process.

The epigenetic clock is determined by body’s epigenome– consisting of a record of the chemical changes to the DNA. 

As people age these chemical changes are added to the people’s DNA throughout their lives. So by looking at these changes, people’s age can be calculated.

In the second consideration, researcher reviewed how growth hormone can change the tissue in Thymus gland present in immune system. 

This gland generally shrinks after puberty but  scientists believed that it can expand or grow if the participants would be given growth hormone.

Harvath and colleagues analyzed the four different measures of epigenetic clock to measure the ages of participants. They found that age of each reversed significantly, were optimistic about the results despite the number of participants.
Team members now also hope to test the ageing effects with more people of different age groups, through a control group.
The reversal changes can now be seen in blood of six participants even after the completion of study. 
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