People who eat dark chocolate less likely to be depressed

HealthGeekss | Aug 6,2019

Scientists find an association between dark chocolate and depression- stated that people who eat dark chocolate are less likely to report depression.

People who eat dark chocolate less likely to be depressed


The Researchers from the University College London(UCL) worked in conjunction with the scientists from University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services Canada, published in journal Depression & Anxiety with title “People who eat dark chocolate less likely to be depressed.” 

According to author, earlier studies didn’t account many variables such as weight, height, marital status, education, income,level of education, ethnicity, smoking and other health variables. They never looked at how the type of chocolate might influence the findings.

They also analyzed dark chocolate and nondark chocolate participants separately.

For their research, scientists analyzed the data of 13,626 participants of age 20 or older from the United State National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. 

They exclude the people who were underweight and had diabetes.

They used the Patient Health Questionnaire- Standard tool for mental health disorders to assess the depression symptoms.

The scientists collect their information first via face to face interview and second on phone call 3-10 days later.

Overall, 1332 participants consume chocolate and 148 participants reported eating dark chocolate.

After taking all variables, researchers concluded that there was no link between chocolate consumption and depressive symptoms.

In the conclusion, people who ate dark chocolate had 70 % lower odds of reported clinically relevant depressive symptoms than those who didn’t eat any kind of chocolate.
Additionally, people who ate the chocolate regardless of its type are less likely to report any depressive symptoms than who didn’t eat chocolate.

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