Risks of Type 2 Diabetes are Increased 6 Times Due To Obesity

HealthGeekss | Diabetes| Sept 18,2019

Risks of Type 2 diabetes or heart diseases are increased 6 times due to obesity or overweight. In-spite of obesity, genetic risks and bad lifestyle also responsible for T2D.

Risks of Type 2 Diabetes are Increased 6 Times Due To Obesity


Hermina Jakupovic, University of Copenhagen, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, Copenhagen, Denmark, and colleagues presented paper at the annual meeting of European Association of The Diabetes in Barcelona, Spain.

Bad Lifestyle, genetic predisposition and obesity are the main causes for the development of T2D – spreading hastily and a major health hazard worldwide.

According to International Diabetes Federation, 420 million people were living with T2D in 2017, and it can increased up to 600 million in 2045. 

In the current strategy to prevent T2D, experts are stressing on maintenance of normal body weight and healthy lifestyle. 

By making some changes in lifestyle to lose weight, one can reduce the risks of T2D. But sometimes, effects of lifestyle factors and obesity on T2D  risks can vary due to subject’s genetic variation. 

In this new research, experts focused mainly on genetic risks for T2D by considering unhealthy lifestyle and obesity factors.

In the study, researchers analyzed the 14 years data of  9,556 participants aged between 50-65 collected from Danish Prospective Diet, Cancer and Health.

Almost, 4,780 participants were diagnosed with T2D during the follow up period.
Healthy lifestyle was defined as performing atleast three of the following healthy factors: no smoking, moderate alcohol consumption, physical activity, and a healthy diet. 

Unhealthy lifestyle includes following zero or one healthy lifestyle factors. 

Genetic risks are calculated by genetic risks score(GRS) containing 193 genetic variants strongly associated with T2D risks.

GRS was categorized into 3 groups: low(lowest 20%), intermediate( middle 60%) and high(highest 20%).

Researchers found that following an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity are highly associated with the risks of T2D regardless of genetic risks. 

Obesity(defined as body mass index of 30kg/m2 or higher) increased risks of T2D 5.8 times compared to the normal weight.

Researchers concluded that the effects of obesity on risks of Type 2 Diabetes are dominant over other risk factors.
Additionally, emphasizing the importance of maintenance of weight management to prevent risks of T2B.

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