Shorter People are More Likely to Diagnose With Type 2 Diabetes

HealthGeekss | Sept 13,2019

New research claimed that shorter people are more likely to diagnose with Type 2 Diabetes. In type 2 diabetes people, presence of sugar in blood is very high. 

Shorter People are More Likely to Diagnose With Type 2 Diabetes


Study was published in Medical Journal Diabetologia and stated that due to additional 10 cm height, there were 41% less risks in men and 33% in women of diabetes.

Researchers found that In shorter people, there were health hazards due to the accumulation of fat in liver. Beside this, they are more prone to the risks of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Around 420 million people are develop with diabetes worldwide. It will increased up to approximately 630 million by 2049, according to International Diabetes Federation.

Scientists from the German Center for Diabetes Research and German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke analyzed the approximately 27,600 participants who participated in EPIC study in Germany.

In the group, 16,600 female and 11,000 male were analyzed for 4 years from 1994 to 1998. 

What Factors Contributed For Reduction in Type 2 Diabetes?

According to Research, taller people have better sensitivity towards insulin and better functioning of beta cells in pancreatic hormones.

This study, not only consider the height as risk factor for type 2 diabetes but also took  more closer look at two elements of height, such as leg length and sitting height.

Meanwhile, researchers found link between higher leg length and lower risks of type 2 diabetes. In female, both leg length and sitting height contributed to type 2 diabetes.

Additionally, growth of legs before puberty contributed to lower risks of type 2 diabetes than growth after puberty in malesWhile in females, both growth before and after contributed to lower risks of diabetes.

Researchers found the effect of liver fat on reduction of type 2 diabetes in taller people. They were amazed that on additional of 10 cm height, risks were reduced by 41% in men and 33% in women.

Researchers concluded that smaller height is an important factor to aggravate the severity of diabetes. They also advised doctor to monitor cardio-metabolic risk often in shorter people.

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