Spending Time With Your Loved Ones Can Reduce Your Pain

HealthGeekss | Aug 29,2019

Spending time with your loved ones can bring some positive benefits on health including, pain reliever, stress reduction etc. 

Spending Time With Your Loved Ones Can Reduce Your Pain


Previous studies had shown that a slight touch works as pain reliever. In the new study, researchers found that presence of your loved ones can also relieve pain.

Researchers emphasized that being with your partner in same room can help you to bear pain despite any touch, verbal communication, published in Scandinavian Journal of Pain.

For the research 48 people(man & woman both) participated for approximately 3.50 years with their partner in two scenarios.

Spending Time With Your Loved Ones Can Reduce Your Pain


At first, Participants were asked to fill a questionnaire containing how they tackle pain with their partner and without them.

In second, participant was left in room  without any touching, speaking with the partner. Researchers use pressure algometer to measure pressure rates.

Meanwhile, researchers found that men and women both were capable to handle pain in the presence of their partner. 

Prof. Stephan Duschek, first author of study stated that peaking and touching can alleviate the pain, but we stress on the presence of partner to reduce pain and the partner empathy can alleviate stress that was buffered by pain.
Although the study concluded some limitation, research stated that partners felt less pain because they were distracted by their partner in same room.

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