Study Says Exercise is Good For People With Heart Disease

HealthGeekss | July 1,2019

New research found that exercise is good for people with heart disease than who are healthy and do workout daily. 

 Study Says Exercise is Good For People With Heart Disease

For this, researchers compare the people who have cardiovascular disease with those who are healthy. Evidence suggests that exercises can lower the risks of many chronic diseases and thus can increase the lifespan.

Dr. Sang-Woo Jeong, author of the study and colleagues analyzed the data of 441,798 participants for six years. In which 310,240 were healthy and 441,798 were pre-diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

During the follow-up period of 6 years, participants provided their level of physical activity in the last week. Physical activity included aerobic exercises and didn’t include any daily activity such as house work.

Then researchers converted data into units of metabolic equivalent task minutes per week(MET-mins/week) to measure the quantity of activity level.

After the 6 years period, researchers found that people with heart disease obtained benefits from physical activity as compare to who were healthy.

There was a reduction of 7% premature death risk in healthy people, while people with cardio disease saw 14% reduction for every 500 MET-mins/week.

Not Giving Enough  Results

The results were not enough as 50% of the participants were engaged in less physical activity, where as 25% of the total didn’t perform any activity and spent a sedentary lifestyle during the follow up period.

Dr. Sang-Woo Jeong further explained the three reasons why people with heart disease had benefited from physical activity. First, Heart disease people live a sedentary lifestyle- it is key risk factor of heart disease. Jumping to physical activity lifestyle may be more beneficial for them.

Secondly, earlier studies suggested that physical activity can reduce the cardio risk factors such as, blood pressurecholesterol, and diabetes. Meanwhile, controlling these factors will directly reduce the impact of heart disease.

Importantly, people with cardio disease had higher level of inflammation, and physical activity can boost their inflammation system.

Researchers recommended doctors to advice heart disease patients to perform exercise on regular basic.

WHO recommends all healthy people to perform 150 minutes exercise per week of moderate intensity and 75 minutes of aerobic exercise.

One can reach upto 500 MET-mins/week by performing 30 minutes brisk walking daily for five days. If you are busy, the other way to reach that level is hill climbing for 75 minutes once a week: Dr. Si-Hyuck Kang.
You can achieve 1500 MET-mins/week by performing 30 minutes brisk walking daily for five days with 150 minutes hill climbing once a week: Kang Added.

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