Study Says Quitting Alcohol can Boost Mental Health Especially in Women

HealthGeekss | July 10,2019

According to new study quitting alcohol can boost mental health of people especially women and they can enjoy better quality of life with those of lifetime abstainers.

Study Says Quitting Alcohol can Boost Mental Health Especially in Women


There are researchers going on to find the actual association between alcohol and mental health. A study published in The Lancet argued that moderate alcohol increases the risks of cardiovascular risks. 

Research published in this month in journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research stated that older adults who drink occasionally live longer than lifetime abstainers.

Now a study published in journal Canadian Medical Association reviewed that adults especially women give up alcohol can boost their mental health.

Dr. Micheal Ni, Researcher at the university of Hongkong suggests to be cautious while recommending moderate drink to be part of healthy diet.

Researchers analyzed the data collected from 10,386 participants through the Family Cohort Study at HKU. Researchers include the participants who were nondrinkers or moderate drinkers. 

Researchers included those people who drank 14 drinks per week in case of men and women having 7 drinks per week in moderate drink.

The mean age of participants was 49 years and women contributed 56% of the study. Among the  Male participants, approximately 64% were nondrinkers and in female participants, non drinkers contributed 88 %.

The research follow up period was 2009-2013 and in this period researchers examined the association between alcohol and metal health in two parts. Researchers also compared their data with the 31079 people who participated in another study i.e  National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and related conditions.

In both papers researchers said that analysis of alcohol and mental health were measured two times in 4 year period.

First, the people who never consumed alcohol were mentally healthy and secondly, people who were moderate drinkers especially women experienced a significant improvement in mental health.

“Global alcohol consumption is expected to continue to increase unless effective strategies are employed,” warns Dr. Ni. Indeed, recent reports show that alcohol intake has increased by about 70 % in almost 30 years, at a global level, and experts believe that this trend will continue.

For this reason, and based on their current findings, the HKU investigators advise individuals to lay off alcohol — for good.

“Our findings suggest caution in recommendations that moderate drinking could improve health-related quality of life. Instead, quitting drinking may be associated with a more favorable change in mental well-being, approaching the level of lifetime abstainers.”

Disclaimer: This article provides generic information only. Above all consult with your doctor or specialist for more information. Please don’t rely on above information. HealthGeekss doesn’t claim any responsibility of information.

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