Tiny Bubbles in Body Can Treat Cancer Better Than Chemotherapy

HealthGeekss | Sept 20,2019

Researchers had found the nano-sized bubbles in our body, that can be used to treat cancer. According to researchers, these tiny bubbles in body Can treat Cancer better than chemotherapy.

Tiny Bubbles in Body Can Treat Cancer Better Than Chemotherapy


Body’s healthy cells release nano-sized bubbles that transfers genetic materials including, RNA, DNA from one cell to another. DNA stores important information that is used by RNA to produce protein also make sure that they act accordingly.

Researchers named tiny bubbles as ExtraCellular Vesichles(EVs), works as transporter, carrying treatment to target. Nano-sized bubbles can carry combination of drugs and genes to target cancer cells and kill them.

Study was published in journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, focused breast cells in mice.

Masamitsu Kanada, Assistant Professor at the Michigan State University said that we have found  therapeutic approach to deliver enzyme-producing genes, that can kill tumor by converting some drugs into toxic agents.

These drugs or prodrugs push off as inactive compounds. But they are activated once they metabolize in the body and can fight everything from cancer to headaches.

Researchers used ExtraCellular Vesichles(EVs) to transport the enzyme producing genes that could activate the prodrug combination therapy of ganciclovir and CB1954 in breast cancer cells.

Minicircle DNA and regular Plasmid: Two different gene vectors that works as additional delivery mechanism for DNA and were loaded into Vesichles to see which was better at helping gene transport treatment. This is known as gene directed enzyme prodrug therapy.

Researchers found that minicircle DNA was 14 times more effective during delivery and more successful while killing the cancer tumors.

Kanada said that,” conventional chemotherapy is not able to differentiate between tissue and tumor cells, so chemo attacks all.

He further added that EVs can attack target because of their compatibility with the body, then this type of delivery could minimize the risks of unwanted immune responses that can originate by other gene therapies.

Kanada concluded that,”If EVs prove to be effective for humans, it can be ideal platform for gene delivery and can be used in humans sonner then we expect.”

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