Treadmill Exercise can Relieve Menstrual Pain: Study Says

HealthGeekss | July 9,2019

According to a recent study, treadmill exercise can relieve menstrual pain and improve the life published in the journal Contemporary Clinical Trails.

Treadmill Exercise can Relieve Menstrual Pain


Dysmenorrhea is medical term for period pain and is caused by uterus contraction. In 2012, study stated that 59 % of women are affected by menstrual cramp.

Priya Kanan, researcher at the the University of Otago, in Dunedin, New Zealand stated that researchers conducted a trail over 70 women aged between to assess the effects of treadmill based aerobic exercises suffering from menstrual pain.

Participants were divided into two groups: First group was engaged in supervised aerobic training three times in a week starting on the first day and ending on the last day of menstrual period for four weeks followed by unsupervised aerobic training for six months.

The second group i.e. control group in that time continued their usual care. Both groups were compared to assess the differences in menstrual pain, quality of life,  and sleep pattern.

The participants who were engaged in supervised aerobic activities experienced 6 % less pain at the end of four weeks training and 22% less pain was experienced who continued treadmill exercises up to six months.

There were many factors that were reported by women after 7 months training period such as better quality of life, improved daily functioning. However participants didn’t notice nay kind of change in sleep quality.

Dr. Leica Claydon-Mueller, senior lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University, in Cambridge, United Kingdom stated that “Women who have painful periods often take steps to actively avoid exercise—after all when you are in pain it is often the last thing that you want to partake in.”

“However, this trial demonstrated that exercise significantly reduced pain for those people taking part in the program, and they also reported reduced pain levels after four and seven months.”

Additionally Priya said: “The improvements in quality of life scores after 7 months were noteworthy, although it was perhaps surprising that there was no significant difference in sleep quality to that of the control group.”

“These multiple benefits might be considered a ‘package deal’ by women. The evidence supporting the use of aerobic exercises for managing painimproving quality of life and improving daily functioning has been strengthened by the findings from this research.”: According to Priya Kanan.

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