Weight Loss

After rigorous workout, cool down phase and post recovery period is much important as doing the workout. No matter if you are doing muscles improvement exercise, weight loss workout, or six pack exercise.

Poor quality, irregular sleep may prevent people from successfully losing unwanted weight, a new study shows.The same is true for obesity — more than one in three U.S. adults live with this condition.

When it comes to chose the best foods to eat before bedtime, options are generally to eat low calorie foods, and high fibers enriched foods.

Scientist had conducted a study first time on human to show the direct effect of coffee on good fat. Study has stated a link between coffee and activation of brown fat into your body.

Daily 30-40 minute early morning walk is good for overall health. It can bring many amazing changes in your life if you suffer from chronic diseases such as heart diseases, high blood sugar, high blood pressure or many other.

Weighing yourself can be another possible way to prevent weight gain or obesity. Obesity or weight gain is a situation in which person gains excessive weight which affects their health or daily activities.

The right balance between diet and exercise fuel your exercise routine. Combining both is the key to get in shape and feel healthy.

There is no shortcut to reduce belly fat. Exercises or workout with healthy meal( for long run) is an only solution. In this article we will discuss asanas that helps in reduction of abdominal fat.

Are you also on verge of rapid weight loss? This is not good for health. If you have healthy weight this is absolute. Loosing 5 to 10 % percent of body weight has no risks for overall health.

Weight gain seems to be a difficult task as weight loss. Some people depend on junk foods, highly processed food, sugary foods, overeating, unhealthy food. Inspite of gaining weight all these things lead to health problems..

Healthier activities in a day can keep you healthy and fit whole day. There is no need to change in your diet and exercise if you want to keep yourself healthy.

Weight gain is lay term for obesity. Obesity is a medical situation in which person gain excessive weight which affects their health.

Either you are in 10 or 80, everyone wants to stay healthy and fit. But today’s lifestyle is so much hectic that people have don’t time for their health.

Are you also on verge of rapid weight loss? This is not good for health. If you have healthy weight this is absolute. Loosing 5 to 10 % percent of body weight has no risks for overall health.

Green tea is using widely for many benefits on health. It is beneficial for prevention of cancer, weight loss and reduction of cholesterol level-Mainly green tea contributes to weight loss. Drinking green tea regularly reduces body fat.

Sometimes while a person starts diet, exercise etc. to lose weight he/she gets demotivated because to lose weight is not a one day task. He/she has to keep patience or gets motivated by him/herself by some inspirational tips.

Early Morning Drink to reduce Belly Fat At Home

To reduce belly fat is not an easy task, it requires dedication towards eating healthy food, regular exercise and work out.

What you eat at night it affects your weight most. Many people eat overly at night even they are not hungry. At night body is not capable to digest what you eat.

What you eat in the morning, it has a huge impact on your overall health especially on weight gain or loss. Often people do much hard work to lose weight. Exercising, workout, proper sleep are important aspects while losing weight.

5 Physical Activities or Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat​

With running or walking exercise calories burn and fat starts to decrease.Instead of reduce belly fat, Running or walking reduces fat from full body. Jogging for half an hour keeps your body fit if you perform it regularly.

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