Long Breath Japanese Weight Loss Technique 

HealthGeekss | Sept 27,2019

Belly fat is an accumulation of harmful fat. It not only makes your body bad but also puts your body at risks of  diseases.

Long Breath Japanese Technique To Get Rid of Belly Fat

To cut down belly fat is not an easy or one day task. It requires daily exercises with healthy diet.

Now a days overweight or obesity is responsible for many chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heart diseases.

It not only makes your body bad but also puts your body at risks of  diseases in an adulthood.

With abdominal fat, sometimes people lose their confidence gradually. No matter what you try to do lose weight, it seems very difficult to get rid from.

There is no any need to feel low. This Japanese technique has scientifically proved to fulfill your weight loss goals.

Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke discovered this technique to lose weight quickly, lose 28.7 pound and 4.7 inches from waist in just few weeks. This technique was prescribed by his doctors to get relief from back pain.

This 2 minute a day Japanese weight loss technique can help you to lose weight. It has been proven easy and effective by doctors to get positive results in shorter period of time.

Usually, fat is made up of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. When the oxygen we breathe reaches these fat molecules, this technique breaks them into carbon dioxide and water.

The blood obtains the carbon dioxide and returns it to the lung. Thus, the more oxygen the body uses, there are more chances to burn fat.

Method to Get Rid of Belly Fat Easily and Quickly

To lose weight, you have to perform weight loss exercise 2 times for 7-10 minutes per day.

  1.  Firstly, stand straight and tighten your body muscles.

  2. Put your one leg forward and other leg back. Place most of your weight on back foot. 

  3. Raise your hands in air above head, then inhale for 3 seconds.

  4. Exhale forcefully for 7 seconds. Use your whole body to push out air out of the lungs.

  5. Remember Perfto tighten up your body muscles when you breathe out.

  6. Perform above 6 times, it will take one minute.

  7. Repeat the process atleast  for 2 times in a day.

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